“Your sins are forgiven ” Meditation Rosary of the Month

Sin is like a lost route by which, in distancing himself from the law of God, man
distances himself at the same time from God himself, and distances himself from
him to an infinite extent. Repentance is like a completely opposite path, by which
one tries to return from this fatal distraction ….

Much more: be that we distance ourselves or that we seek to come closer, we
always find him on our path; either he pursues us, if we flee him, or he makes
himself present, if we seek him….

What surprises me is that God, to whom our nothingness is perfectly known, who
brings about no real loss when we separate ourselves from him, that God, I Sdy,
evinces, at this separation, such a great grief, and that he so strongly hastens to
have us return….

This is what the Son of God did, says Saint Cyril: When human beings had
escaped, by their disobedience, the supeNision of their Creator, he came down to
earth and spared neither care nor tiring efforts to restore us to the state from which
we had fallen. It is what he still does every day for those who distance themselves
from him by sin: he tracks them, so to speak, not ceasing to call them back until he
has set them back on the way of salvation ….

But we are so wretched that, after having made so much progress in so little time
only to go astray, we would not be able to take a single step in order to get
ourselves back on the path, and, if our God has not the goodness to run after us in
order to stop us in our flight, we will flee forever and never return to his seNice.

SAint Claude LA COI.OMBeRĀ£
Saint C1G~ La CoIombier”e (t ‘682) was II FrmdI .Jesuit priest lind the spirituill director of Saint

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