What Are You Looking For? Rosary of The Month Club

I am not looking for peace but the face of him who gives the peace I ask for ill
We think it is we who are searching after God, whereas it is really we who are
being sought. OUT search is the result of the discomfort in us caused by the secret.
the unceasing, gratuitous, and tenacious quest for a kind of mercy about which we
know very little. The presencece of such mercy is perhaps made clear to our heart
only when we are plunged in a confusion whose source is unknown to us.
We then endeavor to locate this source without knowing what is happening to us,
nor what we desire or why, nor even whether we desire it. When the light finally
dawns and we realize what we are lacking. we then think of looking for God, at the
very moment when he is finally reaching us, touching us, holding on to us.

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