United with Mary in Her Presentation

Someone has said that the heart has reasons that the intellect does not
understand. Who doubts the deep intuitions of love? Divine love, especially, which
springs from light and produces fruits of light. II teaches better than any other light
or gift what the Beloved is: his innennosl thoughts, his secret desires and his hidden
designs. The soul that loves sees through the eyes of the Beloved and feels the holy
throbbings of the Sacred Heart.

One earthly love is especially characterized by deep intuitions and a capacity of
unsurpassed comprehension-maternal love. In it are accumulated all the qualities
that fonn souls of light: the maternal heart is pure and loving, simple in dealing
with children, and forgetful of herself, in order to give herself to her children and
sacrifice herself for them.

Souls whose supernatural love has these characteristics are souls of light in whom
Jesus rests, because their love is a reflection of the infi ni te love of the Father and
the maternal love of Mary. One might say that there are three classes of lightflooded
souls: vi rginal souls through thei r purity, souls that have become as
children, followi ng the way of spiritual infancy through thei r simplicity, and
matemal souls through the intuitions of an intense, sacrificial love. Surpassing these
three classes in excellence are those souls who royally combine these three aspects
and who, like Mary, are pure as virgins, simple as child ren, selfless as mothers. In
these souls Christ finds his perfect repose ill light. Therefore, he is reflected in them
like a sun of love that re flects its superb splendor in the pure, tranquil mirror of a
serene lake.

Servant of God Archbishop Luis Maria Martinez
Servant of GodArchbishop MGrtfnez (t 1956) WdS ArdIbishop ofMexko City.

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